INTESA’s Board of Directors

The Board of Directors is the decision-making body of INTESA, responsible for establishing its general business policies, including long-term strategy. It is also responsible, among other duties, for supervising the management of the Company‘s executive officers. Decisions of the Board of Directors are taken by majority vote of members present at the meeting. The Board of Directors‘ meetings are held whenever necessary, convened by the chairman of the Board of Directors, or a majority of its members.

The Bylaws of INTESA establishes a number of 5 members. Directors are elected by the Annual General Meeting for a period of one year, eligible for reelection and may be removed by the shareholders in General Meeting.

In accordance with the Law of Corporations, the Board of Directors member is prohibited from voting in any meeting or acting in any transaction or business in which they have a conflict of interest with the Company.

Current Structure of INTESA’s Board of Directors

Elected on December 28, 2018

Tinn Freire Amado Board Member
Tinn Freire Amado, Board Member – Mr. Freire Amado is Director of Regulatory Affairs since July 2006. Mr. Amado has served as coordinator of the team responsible for adjusting and revising tariffs for use of eletric power’s distribution systems of the Superintendent‘s Regulation of Distribution Services of Electric Energy‘s National Agency – ANEEL. He also worked as an expert on regulation at CPFL Energia. He graduated in electrical engineering from the Federal School of Engineering Itajubá, with a Master in Economics of Regulation and Antitrust by UNB.
Humberto Soares Filho Board Member
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Board of Directors

Elected on December 28, 2018

Joseph Zwecker Chief Executive Officer
Joseph Zwecker Junior, Executive Officer – Mr. Joseph has been in the group since November 2016, as head of Equatorial Transmissão. Between 2013 and 2016, he was an Executive Officer at ATP Engenharia developing energy projects in Africa. He has also been the Manager for M&A and New Businesses in Neoenergia. His professional experience includes coordinating teams to participate in transmission and generation auctions held by ANEEL; implementation and construction auditing of substations and transmission lines; negotiating and managing supply contracts for materials and services; prospection, developing, negotiating and implementing new projects in the electric energy sector; developing wind farms, hydro plants, bio, diesel and solar energy plants.
Waldênio Pereira de Oliveira Tecnical Officer
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Leonardo Da Silva Lucas Tavares de Lima Chief Financial Officer
Leonardo Lucas Tavares de Lima, Chief Financial Officer – Mr. Tavares de Lima is CELPA‘s Chief Financial Officer (CFO) since November, 2012. Before that, he was CEMAR‘s CFO as from April, 2011 and October, 2012, having been CEMAR Head Controller. He is working within Equatorial Group since 2005. Before joining CEMAR, Leonardo worked at Telemar Norte Leste, ABN Amro, URB – Empresa de Urbanização de Recife and at Shell Brasil. Graduated at Civil Engineering by Universidade de Pernambuco, postgraduate at Production Management and MBA in Electric Energy Business Management, by FGV (Fundação Getúlio Vargas).

INTESA’s Fiscal Council

Elected on December 28, 2018

Geovane Ximenes Fiscal Council Member
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Tatiana Queiroga Vasques Fiscal Council Member
Tatiana Queiroga Vasques, Fiscal Council Member – Ms. Tatiana holds a degree in Economics from the Federal University of Bahia (2003) and a Master’s degree in Economics and Finance from FGV – Rio de Janeiro (2008). She has been in the electrical sector for more than 15 years, of which 13 years have been dedicated to the financial area of ​​Neoenergia, having experience in funding structuring, cash management, Investor Relations and M & A. Her last position in the Company was Superintendent of Asset Management . She joined Equatorial Energia in September 2017 in the area of ​​Financial Strategy, assuming the functions of structuring and managing debt and insurance. In 2018 she also started to work in the area of ​​Investor Relations.
Izabel Corina Fiscal Council Member
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Reinaldo Weber Fiscal Council Alternate
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Letícia da Conceição Fiscal Council Alternate
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Josivânio Alencar Fiscal Council Alternate
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Last updated on October 23, 2020