Equatorial Alagoas

Equatorial Alagoas Board of Directors

Equatorial Energia board of directors is responsible for establishing its long-term strategies and setting its general business policies and guidelines. It is also responsible for, among other matters, the supervision of the Company’s officers’ activities. Meetings of Equatorial Energia board of directors may be called by the chairman of the board of directors or the majority of its members, and may be called without notice upon presence of all members in office. Board resolutions are passed by the vote of a majority of its members.

The Company’s bylaws provide for a minimum number of 3 members and the maximum number of 9 members for its board of directors. Members of Equatorial Energia board of directors are elected at the shareholders’ meeting for a period of 3 years, and reelection is allowed.

Under Brazilian corporation law, a member of the board of directors is prevented from voting in any meeting or from acting in any business operation or dealings where there is a conflict of interest with the Company.

Current Structure of Equatorial Alagoas Board of Directors

Election held on May 28, 2019

Augusto Miranda da Paz Jr. Board Member
Augusto Miranda da Paz Junior, Board Member – Mr. Miranda is Equatorial Maranhão CEO since April 2010. From 2007 to 2010 he was Vice President Officer of Operations and previously was Equatorial Maranhão Engineering Officer since July 2004. Mr.Miranda is an experienced executive with over 20 years in the energy sector. Before joining Equatorial Maranhão, Mr. Miranda has held several positions in the areas of Electric System Maintenance Management in COELBA being also representative of COELBA next to CCON. Mr. Miranda is an electrical engineer graduated from Federal University of Bahia, specializing in Maintenance Management promoted by Eletrobras alongside PUC/RJ and the Escola Federal de Engenharia de Itajubá/MG and MBA in Energy Business Management from FGV/SP.
Leonardo da Silva Lucas Tavares de Lima Board Member
Leonardo da Silva Lucas Tavares de Lima, Executive Officer – Mr. Tavares de Lima was Equatorial Pará Chief Financial Officer (CFO) since November, 2012, until November, 2016. Before that, he was Equatorial Maranhão CFO as from April, 2011 and October, 2012, having been Equatorial Maranhão Head Controller. He is working within Equatorial Group since 2005. Before joining Equatorial Maranhão, Leonardo worked at Telemar Norte Leste, ABN Amro, URB – Empresa de Urbanização de Recife and at Shell Brasil. Graduated at Civil Engineering by Universidade de Pernambuco, postgraduate at Production Management and MBA in Electric Energy Business Management, by FGV (Fundação Getúlio Vargas).
Sérvio Túlio dos Santos  Board Member
Sérvio Túlio dos Santos, Executive Officer – Graduated in Electric Energy by the UFPB (1986), with specialization in Digital Technology by the UFBA and MBA in Business Management by FGV. Has held several managerial positions in Neoenergia Distribution Companies: COELBA (1986-2001) and CELPE (2001-2005). Has been CELPA‘s Distribution Head Officer (2012-2013). Within Equatorial Maranhão, has worked at the following departments: Technical (2005-06), Maintenance (2007-08), Light For All Program (2008-11), Expansion (2011-12) and Operations (2014-15).
Cícero Vladimir de Abreu Cavalcanti Board Member
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Current structure of Equatorial Alagoas Executive Board:

Humberto Soares Filho Chief Executive Officer
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Leonardo da Silva Lucas Tavares de Lima Officer
Leonardo Lucas Tavares de Lima, Director – Mr. Leonardo was elected Equatorial Pará Investor Relations Officer in November 2012 and remained in the position until January 2014, when he became Company Director. Mr. Leonardo was also Director of Equatorial Maranhão from April 2011 to October 2012. Previously, he was Equatorial Maranhão Controller (position he held from 2007 to April 2011) and Coordinator of Planning and Management (from 2005 to 2007). Prior to joining Equatorial Maranhão, Mr. Leonardo worked at Telemar Norte Leste, ABN Amro, URB – Recife Urbanization Company and Shell Brasil. Graduated in Civil Engineering from the University of Pernambuco, with postgraduate in Production Management and MBA in Business Management of Electric Energy, by FGV(Fundação Getúlio Vargas).
Tinn Freire Amado Officer
Tinn Freire Amado, Executive Officer – Mr. Freire Amado is Director of Regulatory Affairs since July 2006. Mr. Amado has served as coordinator of the team responsible for adjusting and revising tariffs for use of eletric power’s distribution systems of the Superintendent‘s Regulation of Distribution Services of Electric Energy‘s National Agency – ANEEL. He also worked as an expert on regulation at CPFL Energia. He graduated in electrical engineering from the Federal School of Engineering Itajubá, with a Master in Economics of Regulation and Antitrust by UNB.
Luciane Godinho Domingues Officer
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Henderson Rovay Officer
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